Little League Board Membership

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Position Name
President Bill Haddad
Vice-President BJ Morris
Secretary Donna DiGeorge
Treasurer Lori Hood
Player Agent Don Campanaro
Information Officer Steve Dodge
Safety Officer Lisa Picciano
Umpire in Chief Joe Vaikness
Director of Fundraising BJ Morris
Director of Grounds Doug Simmons
Director of Equipment Cadi New
Director of Concessions Rachael Ricketts
Director of Public Relations Deb Alibrandi
T-Ball Coordinator Ben Cornue
Coaches Pitch Coordinator Frances Marris
Minor League Baseball Coordinator Robert Marris
Minor League Softball Coordinator Danielle Congden
Major League Baseball Coordinator Ron Debrucque
Major League Softball Coordinator Mark Maxwell
Fall Ball Coordinator Jeff Carpenter
At-Large Board Member Jessica Lupica
At-Large Board Member Chris Sgarlata
 At-Large Board Member
 Jody Jeffris
Chief Legal Officer
 Martha Berry
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